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This Online Workshop is designed to teach you cutting-edge strategies for linking lawsuit protection and wealth creation with the latest income tax and estate planning laws. This life-changing course will assist you in customizing and implementing an asset protection legal structure for your personal and business assets. Come learn from the nation’s leading attorneys on Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, Estate Planning & Wealth Creation.


  • Run your business for maximum asset protection
  • Lower your income taxes in the current year
  • Separate high-risk assets from the rest of your estate
  • Slash capital gains tax to “0” when you sell stocks, real estate, or your business
  • Reduce or eliminate estate taxes & probate fees completely
  • Legally deduct 100’s of business expenses
  • Build credit within your business without relying on personal credit
  • Use retirement funds to build your business or invest in real estate
  • Create & maintain your own business entities, such as Corporations, LPs and LLCs
  • Create and properly fund your own Revocable Living Trust

"I am very impressed with the enthusiasm, knowledge, teaching skills and passion of the speakers. I learned way more than I had expected!" (Kenneth V., Waterville, ME)

The content provided in the session will be helpful for all the individuals, entrepreneurs and families who want to get control over their wealth and sleep soundly at night. (Robert Z., Cornelius, NC)

You had so many golden nuggets in the material you provided and I can apply immediately. My chat with an attorney resulted in a lengthy to-do list to fix our existing entities. (Krystine R., Coventry, CT)

Incredibly helpful in learning ways to place assets and protect them from lawsuits, probate and taxes. I will be implementing what I learned over the next few months. (Emily B. H. Hingham, MN)

Protect Wealth Academy
Protect Wealth Academy

Course Curriculum

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